Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dangue... the other stray bullet

hey there folks! it feels like a long time since i heard from you, but then i remember that it has been (2 weeks :)) but the truth is that we are SO BUSY, that i forgot to even ask permission to read your letters last week. if you asked "what does it mean to be a zone leader?" the most appropriate response would probably be - busy. but first let me tell you about the biggest "perk" of being a zone leader- you get a totally radical companion. (please see last weeks letter- #11) elder rhodes is awesome to the max, and we are loving working in this area. to give you a measure of how cool he is, i think that i would allow alyce to date him!! (he’s got a girl-friend, but i know you can pull it off alyce!) he is from wisconsin and always says stuff funny in english- like beg instead of bAg and fleg instead of flAg. we really have a lot fun marching around in the favelas of madureira.

so-what is a zone leader: that means that we take care of all the district leaders in our zone. it means that we get calls from president and the assistants regularly, and then pass the good stuff to our zone. it means that we are expected to be the example for our zone- in everything; in obedience, in ability, in lessons and baptisms. it’s tuff stuff. we work SO hard trying to find new investigators, because all the investigators that there were when we got here we... man, i forgot the word. in port. we say "mole"- or soft. that is to say that they really didn’t want to read or go to church. so we set off looking for new families- ones that aren’t afraid of commitment. after all, salvation is about commitments. Jesus said take up your CROSS and follow me. following Jesus is supposed to be serious work, and that requires serious commitment. but most people don’t really understand it that way. they think that a passive decision will pay the bills. "i will read if i have time", "i will get baptized one day"- it is hard to find people that are ready. as missionaries, we are here in a time of harvest. THE FIELD IS WHITE, and i am here to reap. i am looking for those who will get up and follow the Savior NOW. sure, we do the other stuff too. we talk with literally hundreds of people everyday in the street- that is planting. we teach those that allow us to enter- watering. but we are looking for the fruit, not the flowers. so these last two weeks we have found and then let go a few awesome families. right now we are SUPER pumped about a family that we found monday. the spirit was SO STRONG there. they committed to everything that we asked and we go back TODAY to see what happened. i guess i will tell you more about them next week. also, as zone leaders we do divisions with our district leaders and the assistants. we have to use the internet everyday to update the church records for our zone. we do trainings in the other districts every week. so we are always planning the next training, on the phone with other missionaries, or getting calls. it is a great way to live. i am truly exhausted at 10:30 everyday.

well, in response to your letters (i didn’t get one from alyce?), first- nope , i am good on the clothes right now. anyway, it would probably be cheaper to buy stuff here if i needed it.

alyce; what DID you write that paper ON!!??? way to go, idaho!

dad: also, good job on your "paper". at least i got a smile :) hey a new putter- i guess you are a "putts".

(this weeks letters)
yeah, i guess misson presidents change all over the world on july 1 every year. they have one training for mission presidents, so they all get to start at the same time. ours is some guy from fortaleza, ciera. i forgot his name, but I’m nervous about all the changes that are coming. it is going to be cool.

to tell the truth, i have no idea what happened in my old area. nor will i. that is just the way things go. sorry, no answers for you about those cool families in juiz de fora.

i am going to have to mail stuff soon. the truth is that pday is the busiest day of the week, but i am going to write a few letters today and mail them this week. (writing by hand is a pain :) )

well, got to scram.

love elder helland

ps did you get the picture of the mission counsel?? i will send pics next week- i need to buy batteries today.

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