Monday, May 19, 2008

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(Sorry - it's been a busy week - here is Adam's letter from 5-14-08)

TRANSFER P-DAY! ! ! ...the musical!
Coming to a missionary son near YOU!!!

What a giant relief!!! We get the call about transfers early as zone leaders so that we can pass the incredible news to our missionaries at the fateful hour of NINE-O-CLOCK!! Anyway, the assistants called us at like 7, so I could stop sweating earlier this time.

The BIG news for us then is: .... we both didn’t get transferred! Yep, that means that is time for round 2 here in the promised land of Bento Ribeiro! The cool part about the meeting today was, once again, getting to see familiar faces of good friends all around the mission.

The other great thing about transfers is that tomorrow is the “conselho da missão”! Not only does that mean some pretty close up training from the president, but also PIZZA. And I don’t mean just any pizza; I am talking the real deal, ninja-turtle-eating, DOMINOS pizza! (President really goes all out at these meetings!!)

So, there really isn’t TOO much new since Sunday, and bytheway, that was totally awesome to talk with you guys!! I can’t even believe how big you are all getting. You guys sound so grown up! ... Just kidding, actually, the whole time I kept thinking, “Smokes, these guys sound exactly the same.” I thought is was so weird when you guys pointed out that it has been a year already because, well, it seems like I have only been gone a little while. The one thing that does weird me out is that my liddle-sis is going to graduate high school! You ARE a big girl now!

Because of all the stress that you must be under, with graduating, tests up the wazooti, work, (and I hope not any boys), I have decided to forgive that lack of letter this week!!
But really, keep it cool; don’t let all that stuff freak you out. I remember when I was in Juiz de Fora; there was this one sister in our ward that tried to give some advice to that one companion of mine that wanted to go home. To tell the truth, I thought that it was terrible advice, but I thought it was kind of funny. She told this story that went, more of less, like this: Once upon a time, (any story worth reading starts like that, but is in no way a guarantee that this is one of those stories.) ... once upon a time there was a great Chinese emperor that summoned all of his wise men together and gave them a challenge. The challenge was to discover a phrase that could be use in all situations and to respond to all comments and complaints and questions. They came back a year later and delivered the sentence: This too will pass.

Yeah, I didn’t think that it was very comforting either; hope you don’t think that I am a dork. Hope you know that I am praying for you.

Thanks for that update. Tell g-ma that I got it and I will write them back soon. (Probably next week b/c transfers a mess of a day.) Don’t get down; I don’t really think that your letters are sad. They are the only ones that tell me about what is going on with people over there.
p.s. – what happened to the d-backs? Not that I really care, I just wanna know how the story ends.

I really liked those ideas. This transfer we are studying the atonement, and I have been studying conversion lately. I have been learning that when we are converted we desire to be better every day than we were that day before. A saying that elder Rhodes and I have is- let’s make today the best day of our life. The theory is that if we do better today than we did yesterday, it really will be the best!!

Well, I got a bunch of other stuff to do today, hope you got the pics!!

Até mais!
Love elder helland

ps i tried writing in word today. Let me know what you think. I had fun at least. Here are some pictures:
bernardos parents (w/us)
baptism of irene
baptism of bernardo
irene´s son who baptized her. (w/ us)

remember how i said that irenes whole family are members and she is one of the last? this is her with a few of her children and grandchildren. i repeat- just a few!! there were a TON of people there!!

us with a fam in the ward. we did a service project with "mãos que ajudam" or helping hands or something like that in english.

a sample of our area

elder rhodes painting

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