Tuesday, September 16, 2008

“Nossa senhora!!”

A little Brazilian lesson about the subject title:
Nossa Senhora is a saint for the catholic church- a picture of mary undoing knots. i think that it has some connetion to voodoo, but i dont really care.

"nossa senhora!" (-our lady) as an expression is like saying "holy cow!"
variations include: "minha nossa"- mine our
"menina do ceu"- girl from heaven
and just "nossa" - our

Wowzers, this has been a wild week. Let me fill you in on the big details- elder Sidney went home, and I stayed in this area again. My new companion is elder andré. He is a big guy from São Paulo. He was my district leader in juiz de fora my first transfer there. I don’t have a picture of him now, but I probably sent one already. Tomorrow is zone conference, and I am excited. This week we are working hard to find some more people to teach. A lot of praying and fasting. We had several funny experiences too, but none that translate real well into writing…

Mom- whoa! A politician- cool. That sounds like some heavy stuff. I know that you can do it!! But is this like a church campaign? What kind of consequences if it doesn’t pass?
How is shane doing? I sent him a letter, but haven’t heard anything in a few months.
And yep, go ahead and vote on mccain for me. Go for it- pioneers rock mom! But it is kind of weird to read that I will be there in july… hmm…

Dad- hey dad, that’s COOL these days. Water bottle and book… he probably learned form his dad.

Police- you, my dear lady, know how to drives the boys crazy. You just think that you are little miss hard to get, huh!! J keep it up!! And Hey!!, I still recognize SOME quotes, even if I can’t remember them anymore. The other week I did a division with an American and he asked me what were my favorite bands. I couldn’t remember much more that the aqua bats and the beach boys… o dear. Every once in a while I hear a cool song hear that I liked back then, but now those songs just get stuck in my head and distract me…o-well.

I feel bad bc I always say this but, I am out of time. Literally. We pay 2 reais an hour, and… I don’t have anymore reais OR hours… plus I am starving!!

I am going to eat, talks to you guys next week.
Love elder helland

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