Monday, November 24, 2008

burp- even the word is rude

Letter from 11/17/08 - Sorry, no letter for today - 11/24/08, hmmmmm?

Yep, this had been a crazy week too. And speaking of crazy… :-) I think that the thing that I have learned this week is that Lord blesses those who seek blessings from him. I have recently changed the way that I pray at night and it has made all the difference. I have been able to see more clearly all of the blessings that I receive everyday. For example, we are now teaching a wonderful family of 5, and another of 3 that are going to church and everything. Last week this family of 5 just showed up at church. I, being the sharp guy that I am, spotted them and immediately went to find out who they were. I was worried that either they were members or that they were in the other elder’s area. I started talking to them and my I was right - the couple was already baptized. They had been inactive for years, but due to several miracles and dreams that they had had, they decided to come back to church. Great, I thought. I hope they have children to teach and baptize. And they did - two sons of 9 and 10 years old. They now are getting ready to be baptized this next week.

In other news, today I went to the eye doctor and she said that I need glasses. I have to go to another doctor here in a week or two to do some more tests. It looks like I might have glaucoma. Fun, huh! So I guess that I am going to need some money soon to be able to buy glasses… I know that this is a tight time of year, so just let me know what you think. Also, let me know what kind of glasses to get- so that I can look COOL!!

DAD- wowzers- benny is already leaving on the mission!! Sounds like he already has the gift of speech. I have found that I never have trouble filling the time. Actually I have trouble speaking TOO much. It is a common problem among missionaries. We talk ALL DAY, every day, so it becomes natural to talk a lot- especially when it is about the gospel. One time in juiz de fora I got to sac meeting and the bishop asked me to speak. I said sure and he said I would have 20 minute exactly. I figured since he was asking me 5 min before hand that the schedule wasn’t so tight. Later, when I was giving my talk, I knew I was close to the 20 min mark, so I started bearing my testimony. Then I felt this tapping on my leg. I started wrapping up fast. Then I felt something smacking my leg. I looked back to see the 1st counselor with a rod in his hand smacking my leg to let me know that time was up. Sheesh, I thought, and then turned and ended the talk. That was actually pretty common in that ward. On time they did the same thing to the bishop’s wife and she turned around and chewed him out right there in front of everyone. I think that it stopped after that.

And hey good luck helping that recent convert. They really need help because it is so different in the church- so much to change and learn. They just need friends and responsibilities to learn and grow.

MOM- I’ll have you know that I AM peter pan. Getting old and growing up are different things. Let me quote to you from the doctrinal classic- “if you could hie to kolob” (what the heck is ‘HIE’. Is it like “hie, how ya doin” or “wow, that plane is really hie. I wonder if I could hie to that plane.”) anyway- somewhere in those weird extra verses it says “there is no end to youth” (rhymes with ‘truth’)- so I guess that we never really grow up. Just get bigger.

Relax- our apartment is awesome- we have desks now but no beds. My companion is… well let’s say he is great. His personality is … different. He is really smart and his sense of humor requires that he makes fun of everyone and everything. Rather than try and change him, (that never works and is a false principle :-) ) we are adapting. I like him, and I am not sure about the others. That is their problem. The greenie is AWESOME with a capital A. He is so excited. Sometimes we do divisions before lunch so that we can work together. We do crazy stuff that our companions don’t want to do. He is full of energy and it is contagious.

The stomach problems… hmmm. I heard one RM say about his mission, when asked the same question, “NO, I only had diarrhea once. … and it lasted two years.” :-) Actually I went to a rodizios de churrasco this last week and ate a TON of meat. So I am all good now :-)- maybe fatter…. And that letter I promised… hopefully I will mail it before Christmas :-)

ALYCE- whoa-who’s that hottie?? If you are looking for recognition that you are a cutie you should hear the stuff that the elders in my house say about you. Maybe I will let them write you a letter… :-) but seriously, my comp thinks that you are quite the cutie- too bad I wouldn’t let you date him. :-) (“speaking of cuties”- I think that you have said that Zack Efron is cute in three letters in a row…- weird!)

I will get you guys the sweetest picture ever next week. But I have no idea what to take a picture with. I am not close to any beaches. The Christ statue is really far away. Favela- I don’t have any of those anymore either, I guess Ill take a pic with rice and beans… :-)

Well folks, that’s all she wrote.
Elder helland

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