Wednesday, December 5, 2007

super-show tempo de natal!

that is Americanized-brazilian slang for “awesome christmas time.” (more or less anyway...)

Well, you will get a little less letter this week, but a whole grip full of pictures. It is a trade off. Lets see if i can answer a few of your questions and “resolve some of your concerns” (he-he... that’s a missionary term)

Just so you know things are going SO MUCH better between me and e. Everton. To be honest, the key was scripture study. I finished the book of mormon today, and i can't even begin to describe the power that i get every day from that book. (if you want you can sing “scripture power” here....I did.) so, one of the things i learned there at the end of the book, was about love. They really talk a lot about it. (Or maybe i really needed to learn about it and so that is what i read) so i made a goal to REALLY try to love e. Everton the way i love myself. The way the Savior loves him. It was neat, because every morning i would read something to help me that day, and the WHOLE day i would think about it. I would think about how i could be nicer to him. And then things started to happen. First i had to spend a little more money, the occasional ice cream cone or coke helped a lot. Then we just started talking more, and openly. This last week has been pretty good. We now talk whenever we have a problem and resolve it then. We bought a guitar for him to teach me how to play, and now i think that only thing that we will have to fight is the onset of trunkiness.

Also, we had a TON of investigators at church this last Sunday. (actually- 6- but that is a lot here) 2 of them are these two girls that are so excited about the gospel. They both stopped coffee that day we told them, and the one is missing hockey practice on sun. mornings to come to church. When we go to their house for lessons they always have someone new there to hear the lesson too. It is really neat to see them growing in the gospel. To be frank- I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO NERVOUS AT CHURCH IN MY LIFE!! It was a fast Sunday and our most hopeful investigators were there for the first time. I prayed the whole time that no one would do something stupid. After church they said that they LOVED it. (AWESOME!!!) Also, we have a lot of new investigators, but we are still hoping that they will turn out strong too.

So we decorated the apartment. I put up the tree ALL BY MYSELF- no complaining that no one else was helping. I also put up the lights on the tree ALL BY MYSELF- i also decorated the tree ALL BY MYSELF- no whining (though i am sure that you guys didn’t have any whining or complaining this year for decorating too.). It is now christmas-y and we plug in the christmas lights during planning time at night. Everyday, elder everton feels all of his presents and tries to guess what they are. I keep telling him that it is candy, but he doesn’t believe me. Also, he wants to open them early, but i told him we have to wait... really, we are waiting.

We have got another zone conference this Friday, and I CANT WAIT! Man, i love z. Conf!! I get to see all (some of) my long lost friends from the CTM, AND get to hear the president speak. It is always awesome.

Lets see, what else... i always think of good things to write on Sunday, but i forget by p-day...

Oh, i had some more delicious brazilian food—cow tongue... it was ...different. Also for dessert at someone else’s house we got pickled orange rinds and miner-cheese. I was like, “what- you call this dessert!”... that was awful. Also, we regularly get mayo sandwiches- which really aren’t all that bad anymore; i just struggle with the fact that i am eating so much mayonnaise.

mom- we are waiting to be "invited " over for christmas still. we will probably find out this week. as for speaking portuguese- mangas com açucar (piece of cake). the only real problem i have still is that brazilians think that i have a funny voice... which i do. obviously, i still have a TON to learn, but i can talk easily, and understand most everything.

alyce- my little aquabat-girl! YES- to “kill a comp” is to be his companion when his two years are up. i hope i get your letters this friday. but if not, the zone leaders make more trips to the office this time of year to get mail for everyone.

dad- WHAT!!!!- Westview is in the state champs?? are you sure!? and DALLAS- awesome- tell ethan that i am excited for him!! and WHAT!!! they took down our holy napkin of eagle scouts!! i am glad that we are in metal now. please- don’t stop sending me sports stuff. if you started sending just scriptures if would just be weird.

WELL, love you all- elder helland-

E-mail from Elder Everton:

hi helland family
this is elder everton . i´m elder helland´s companion. i´m writing for you all to thanks for the presents that you sent for us .we ´re so excited for christmas e we did´nt open none of the presents. so thank you very much and have merry christmas .

first is our christmas tree. it is now a part of our closet. pretty cool looking i think!

i think the next several pictures are of our nativity that we did for district meeting. Here we are as wise men seeing the star.

Here we are wise men giving gifts to Jesus.(you have to look closely at this picture... tell ken and angie that my teddy bear made a great baby Jesus)
He were are shepherds seeing the angel (we didn’t have crooks, so we used umbrellas).

then i think is a picture of our old zone.(actually, it is just two of the 3 districts in our zone- the others live very far away.)

last is a picture that i took from the top of Castelo, our tallest mountain bairro; this is my turf... my sacred stomping grounds.

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