Thursday, November 29, 2007

from transfers to transformers...

Hey- transfers were today, and ... Elder Everton REALLY REALLY wanted to be transferred but, looks like we are going to be together for another 6 weeks. Actually, i am going to “kill him” [be with him when he finishes his mission – doesn’t seem like a nice term!!!]. The tough part is that we are having problems now, and things are only going to get worse the trunkier he gets as “jan 9” approaches. Well, i guess the silver lining here is that i don’t have to leave this AWESOME area! So, the truth is that my comp is a little depressed that he didn’t get to go to his old favorite area like he asked president, and on top of that, his bad example got him removed as district leader. ... i think that we are going to have to have a heart to heart and try to get this sinking ship to shore. The work is awesome, and i think that study and prayer are the only things that get me through the day some days. It really is amazing just how much i learn form the scriptures. I am almost done with the BOM [Book of Mormom] now. It is that assignment that president gave us from PMG. Ch 5; to read the BOM marking only certain things. Look it up for the rest of the info. I had to read it in english again, but i am in 2 Nephi in portuguese. Anyway, the past week was rough because, my comp was so sure that he would be transferred he ventured to shake the cage a little. G-ma, said in the letter that i never told you guys what exactly the problems were. Basically he doesn’t respect the pres. and doesn’t think much of the rules about visiting members and single women. This is a BIG deal to our president, and so most of our problems stem from there. ... but anyway, about study. This last week, i really hoped that one of us would be transferred, but i prayed that i could have that “thy will be done” attitude. Everyday during scrip study i read things that really “popped” for me- about WHY we have trials, and also that really all things are a choice. In the end i think that i will be a stronger missionary, a better person because of the struggles that i have with e. everton. The truth is, i came on a mission not for me. Not for you guys. I came for the LORD. I promised to devote EVERTHING to him. And so, i am just a tool. Maybe we won’t be as effective as if both of us were on the same page and more unified. But like i said- this is the LORD’S mission, not really mine. Maybe he is just sharpening the tool.

Anyway, in way of the lighter aspects of my life out here:
I GOT THOSE AWESOME PACKAGES YOU SENT! My comp wanted to open everything now, but i said that you said to wait. That tape you made was cool, except that mom talks like she sent it to a little kid. NO, i didn’t listen to ALL of it, i just plugged it in to see what it was. THANKS guys! Hey, speaking of Natal (christmas), i guess that i will get to call you guys. I don’t know how to do that and neither does my comp. If you guys could look into that, that would be great. Like, you might have to send a calling card or something???

WHAT DO YOU MEAN JAZZ DIES????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRANSFORMERS was absolutely awesome. We watched it last week as a zone. We also played soccer and ate brazilian hot dogs! The movie was a little hard to follow, but cool!

DAD- my little football star. Footbol here is something that you play with your foot. And the truth is that i am not all that good compared to most brazilians. Also, i have only played once since i got here if you can believe that.

Police- here’s the deal- GET a SCHOLARSHIP. Do good in school. That’s all i got. I think it would be cooler to go to BYU, but the decision is yours. Also, you ought to know that you have been replaced as the cutest one among all my pictures. Apparently, brazilians think that madi looks brazilian and hot. I have a picture of her at her elementary graduation. They ask first who she is, in relation to me, and then how old she is. I then have them guess. They usually guess 18. i then tell them that she is 14. after that, you are number one again. The problem is that you are “all american”, you just don’t look brazilian AT ALL. :-)

MOM- hey there, wonder woman! Sounds like you had your hands full and handled it awesome. Alyce said the reunion was a hit. It also sounds like you and i are learning the same things. REALLY, when i am down, which happens sometimes. Sometimes i feel alone out here in a world that speaks martian and a companion that plays for a different team. It can be lonely. BUT, there is the incredible promise of the Comforter. If i seek the spirit, he is there. I am NOT alone in my desires for righteousness, and Christ is my teammate and captain.

Well out of time, the computer is so slow today that i sent no pix. I will try a video next week.
Love elder helland

ps i also got a letter from g-ma jones and two from mom and one from jimmy today.

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