Wednesday, March 26, 2008

is is gnarly awesome or knarly awesome?

Or, for that matter, narley awesome? they all look funny, but the only one that feels cool is the first. actually, i think that is the only one that is a real word. anyway, the question came up during language study the other day. (of course, we were studying english) turns out that english is built upon very few rules- many of which are full of exceptions to the rule. i have learned that, as far as english goes, the exception IS the rule.

this week was awesome, no matter how you spell "gnarly"; that is to say, we worked our tails off and it rained all over us. the families that we teach love us, BUT they have got a lot of obstacles to overcome. right now we are looking for more families to teach.

before i run out of time to tell it, let me tell the story of the missionary
angel: AHEM...
it all started about a month and a half ago. e. pereira and i were just walking down the street talking about what more we could do to find some one to go on a visit with us to a house that didn’t have a man. everyone we called was busy that afternoon, and we were trying to prepare this girl for baptism. so, just walking along, throwing ideas around about what we could do, someone honked at us and pulled over. we went over there to see what was up, and it was this guy who wanted to know where the church was and what time the meeting started on sunday. we told him, and he said thanks, and then e. pereira asked him if he was busy that afternoon. he said no and that he’d like to help us visit people. he said that he felt that was why he stopped and talked to us. ... well that was the beginning. if i had a lot more time i would tell all the other miracles that occurred with him that first day. BUT, to be short in writing, it sufficeth me to say that after that day he appeared about every two weeks, offering the help that we needed. LAST, week, he found us in the street AGAIN, and gave us a ride to our next appointment and agreed to do visits with us the next day. so i set up several appointments and the next day went to where he told us to meet him. (fyi- he has got a sweet car. he is a surgeon. he has lived in over 25 countries around the world and speaks 7 languages. his wife is american, but his family lives in paris. his parents and brothers live in miami. he went on a mission in brasil, porta alegre. and he just comes out of nowhere and helps when we need it.). so back to last week. we met him and i called the appointment, and they said that they were traveling. i called plan b. also, fell through. plan c too. everything fell through, so he was like, well, i will buy you guys ice cream at mc-donalds. as he drove there, we talked. elder ronaldo was complaining about a few things and he picked up on them. he gave us this great lesson. he talked to us and helped my comp a ton. then he took us to this giant walmart-ish grocery store and bought us a ton of food. then took us home and told us he would be back on the 29 of march. he came, helped in EXACTLY what we needed, then left. it is always like that too. it is what we need even if we don’t know what we need. well that is the story there.

so, in other news- e ronaldo liked the math. he thinks that is funny that i told you guys that he likes math. he always asked our investigators if they like math and i think THAT is funny.

THE PEANUT BUTTER SECRET- when i got the pb from jay and elle, i hid it. And slowly i started eating it. one day e. ronaldo caught me with my finger in it. so i shared it with him. it is now an empty can of pb. pb=happiness; THX for the happiness. maybe it was wrong to eat half of the can by myself, but it was SO GOOD! Thank you Jay, Elle and Hulk!

alyce- i am way curious about what seems to be a funny story about (aboot) the nasty b-day play. good luck sucking up for the principle in that evaluation. here that is called "puxando saco"- which would mean in english - brown-nosing.

MOM-hey there super missionary! BAPTIZE THAT WOMAN!! step 2 is introduce missionaries and BoM. good luck.

dad- hey, even I don’t exercise until 6:30. you are a stud!!

gotta run, love elder helland

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