Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"like a adam-bomb, about-a oh-ooh-ooooh-whoa explode!"

the guys upstairs in our apartment like queen- so we have been getting a lot of it recently. no complaints here, i think that it is cool to hear music in my "native language" every once and a while. (even better when it is good music- the rest that i hear is normally Rap - ugh!)

well, the update on elder soares is, brace yourselves, he went home. from what pres told me was that it is possible that his separation anxiety is treatable, and he might be able to go on a mission later. sorry for the sad news, i put it first cause now comes the good stuff!!

umm, wait before the good stuff, i have got a HUGE assignment for EVERYONE!!!
here is the deal: elder ronaldo is a math wiz. he loves math like a fat kid loves cake and recently he has been testing my math skills. (for those of you who remember my math skills, you know i am getting slaughtered here. for those of you who DONT remember my math skills- there is a good reason for that.) so what i really am trying to say is that he is REALLY, super good at math. like he was doing college for math.... SO, i have got a request: what i need is this: an incredibly clever math problem to give to HIM. one that is clever and difficult if you don’t know the trick. i think that i am asking the right people. mom, you are a gifted teacher. alyce, you are in calc. dad, ... you are good at math too.( or you can search the internet for a good problem to send). and i know that many more people read the blog that you guys put up. get jocy´s help, she is a math wiz too. really this is an ALL CALL, a SOS-i need your help. i need this awesome math problem to give to my comp. and i like it if you guys could put it in the email next week.(WITH THE ANSWER!) GOOD LUCK, AND THANKS TO ALL WHO CAN HELP ME!

now back to our regular scheduled programming:

this last week was great!! i mean it was SUPER hard. we walked and walked all over. set up and scheduled lessons with tons of people. but everyday- one after another our lessons would fall through. many days, we worked an entire day to find JUST ONE person to teach. but the key is that we learned something really cool this week- to trust in the Lord. we planned out our day, and the next day- that plan would yield nothing. we had to turn to the Lord and pray for his help to find someone. after a few days of very few lessons or teaching opportunities, we saw what had happened. the days that were most difficult- days that we worked ALL DAY to teach, and had zero successes- those days were the days that we found the best people. when our plans failed and we turned to the Lord, he blessed us. one day we had work hard the entire day and still hadn’t found anyone that would let us in to teach. we talked with everyone on the streets and we were praying like crazy for help. the last house that we tried we found a family to teach, and they accepted the baptismal challenge. they told us that they had been praying for direction spiritually, and that we had been sent to help them. IT WAS AWESOME!!! you have no idea how great it was. and we had two more experiences like this this week, where we found more new investigators. "trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." prov 3:5-6. it is true.

dad- i pretty much started crying when i read your letter. that is SO FUNNY. sorry about the bum-evaluation, but hey- "things like that happen". really, that is my new favorite quote.

mom- hey, i am still getting stuff from christmas, so i am still writing letters from christmas too. but, i know i sent a grip of letters to people after christmas. i will try and sort out what still needs to be done. tell all the new missionaries (Mandy, Rachel, Josh) congrats for me. they are in for an amazing ride.

alyce- i am glad to see a letter that doesn’t say "work stinks". i hope that means that you are getting used to it. you are, after all, really old. (ALMOST 18) i am going to mail you a little b-day present, and i would have already, but i forgot that your b-day was coming and now i don’t have much money two mail it. either way, be looking for a letter soon.

once again, we are in a dumpy computer place and the computers here don’t like my camera. next week.

well, times up.
love elder helland

ps really- help with math problem will be rewarded with letters. letters are tough to write and we have so little time to do it, that this really one of the more valuable reward that i can offer.


Anonymous said...

This may sound like a silly question, but where do I direct e-mails to Adam?

Anonymous said...

You can e-mail to We e-mail him once a week and can include your message to him. You can always send "snail mail" to him at the address posted on the blog. :-)