Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Actually I did TRY and send an email last week, and I thought that it went through…
I guess it didn’t. I looked right now to see if I could re-send it, BUT, the computer doesn’t seem to recognize any kind of email to you guys for last week. Oops.

So let me sum up these last few weeks for you guys:
It has been pretty much one miracle after another here. That family got baptized yesterday, and it was the COOLEST EVER!! There were a lot of trials that they had to overcome, but the Lord helped them through. It was funny; their biggest worry about the baptism was the cold water. But at least they were right, that water was really cold! When I stepped in I tried not to let it show on my face that is was way cold, so when Anderson stepped in, he was like, “Po, cara! A agua tá fria, hein!” :-)

We also started teaching another family. They have had tons of problems in their lives, but they embraced the book of mormon and LOVED church. We went back the next day and the father cried as he told us how he felt when he was listening to the testimony meeting. Another family was doing really good, but then they didn’t go to church. It has been really great being able to teach so many families.

Also the new president came. We had a zone conference with him on Wednesday last week. He introduced his family. He has 2 sons, 17 and 9, and a daughter, 13. Then he and his wife spoke. It was really great. I liked it even more because I didn’t have to give any training during the conference. :-)

Then on Friday we had a special mission counsel with him. All of the zone leaders sat down and he taught us out of the scriptures for a few hours. It was so awesome. He also led a big discussion about what we thought that the mission needed to change. It was incredible too. I really gained a testimony of our new president on that day.

We had some funny experiences this last week. For the baptism we tried to make a pudim. (if apple pie is the all-american dessert, then pudim is the dessert of brasil) we made it with strawberries and it turned out great… except that we burned the topping. The topping is pretty much this sauce that you make by heating up sugar until it becomes liquid. If you burn it it suddenly becomes SUPER-bitter. So when we took it out and tried it, found out that is was awful, we scraped all of the topping off. Then when the members saw it without the topping they asked if it had been hit by a truck. They ate it and liked it. Well, I liked it anyway…
Hey, guess what I just found out? This computer is filming me. It takes constant pictures of me like this: while I am typing. Maybe I can make some funny faces to send in the email.
(The silly pictures of his face he embedded in his e-mail did not transfer over - sorry!)

Alyce: hey, that sounds cool, teaching a class in church. I still get nervous sometimes and I teach the gospel principles class every week. :-)

MOM: In other news, elder Rhodes’ older brother got a mission call to campinas brasil. Elder Rhodes is so excited!!
Things that I need are:
Ø pens. I got the cool pens that you guys sent me, BUT while we were teaching that family their toddler managed to destroy or loose all of our pens. Mine and elder rhodes’ (we would let him play with them so that he would be quiet and we could teach)
Ø red pencils. Or some kind of scripture marking pencils. I seem to be all out.
Ø The recipe for apple pie. There is a family in our ward that wants it, and if I get it to them they will make it for us. …J I would like that next week if at all possible…
Ø Socks. I am good on everything else, and probably will be for the rest of the mission, but my socks are shot. But to tell the truth, I think that it would be a lot cheaper to buy them here. If you want you could send me a few pairs and I will just buy the rest. (BLACK this time, please.)
Ø That is it. Love ya.

DAD: sounds like you work more than I do. (except that you get to golf in-between)
Hey, I have been studying the pearl of great price lately, and WHOA is that book deep. I am loving it and all the insights that is gives to our premortal lives. We get to study for one hour every morning and I feel like if passes in 5 min. another thing that I thought was cool was the angelic hierarchy as it is described in the scriptures. Turns out I learned a lot about how the heavens are super organized and there are lots of rules for the angels too (not just missionaries). here is a good question that I started looking at the other day: did the nephites have the aaronic priesthood? Why or why not? The only stuff that I can come up with is that we know that under the law of moses you had to be levite descent, and we don’t have record of a levite going with lehi. But there are still the mulekites to think about. I am still looking at it. Maybe I will know by next week.

Well, I got to scram. I hope that this one makes up for the lack of one last week.

Love elder HELLAND
ps. I had fun with this stupid computer today and put all of these ridiculous pictures (Silly Adam picture was inserted here) in the email. Elder Rhodes was laughing at me the whole time.
I hope that you like it because now everyone in the store thinks that I am a weirdo. Pois é.

all of the baptism.
father- anderson
mother- viviane
daughter- maria alicia
son- joão gabriel
daughter not in the picture- maira eduarda (12yrs) (she didn’t get baptized..)
Also some pictures of our funny pudim story

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