Thursday, June 26, 2008

romeo and juliet...

(Letter from 6-25-08)

is the name of a common dessert here that is pretty much cheese and fruit-roll up together. yep, i don’t think it is very good either.

BIG transfers:
The good news is that elder Rhodes is my non-stop companion for at least 5 more weeks. The other news is that we get a new president next week. We had a really cool meeting today for transfers. President and sister brinton spoke and it was really powerful. I could feel the spirit there so strong. I left the meeting no longer nervous about what the future holds, what with a new president and all, but excited for new opportunities and challenges. Sister brinton was so sweet. She started crying when she was talking, and so did a lot of missionaries. At the end president gave me his shoes. They are a pair of brand new eccos that he said are too big for him. He made me promise to remember him when I wore his shoes and to baptize and to serve people with them. A lot of people in our zone were transferred. Every pair had a transfer, and we got two new district leaders. We are pretty excited about it.

About the families here: let me tell a story about how fasting brings miracles. So last Sunday we decided to fast and pray for Viviane and Anderson so that they could receive a spiritual confirmation that the church is true. They were at church and loved it again. So the next day they called us at night. Vivane was talking and here is pretty much what she said. : “we can’t get baptized on the 28 of june…but we are going to get baptized. When is the next available date?” so now they are going to get baptized on the 5 of july. After the phone call I was like- “EXCELLENT!”

There is another family that is pretty cool. (Marley is the name of the mom) We taught them about three months ago, but they never went to church, so we stopped going there. Then we went over there on a whim and invited them to church one night. They went. Now we are working full time with them again.

Mom- I like your mantra ‘focus on the staff’. Ours is ‘focus on the family’. In PMG ch 1 under the gospel blesses families, it says to dedicate ourselves to finding families. (at least the is what is says in port.) so that is what we are trying to do. And the lord is blessing us with lots of families to teach. Thanks for giving me such a great example of what a family can be so that I can carry that model to the people here who sincerely want their family to be eternal too. (that is what Marley always says.)

Dad. - a little above sea level, 30 degrees Celsius. Have a “hole” lot of fun up there. (spell check your letter, you meant to say WHOLE. )

Alyce- hey that sounds fun. And what they heck is Yo Gabba Gabba?

Well, I guess you guys know the gig, out of time because I have a lot of things to do today, but know that I love you.

Love elder helland
New Mission President - President and Sister Bezerra
The Bezerra Family

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