Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another short one...

Letter received 8-11-08 BUT originally sent 8-4-08

sorry, i think that this will have to be another short email. first, we are late, second this computer stinks!, and thirdly, my companion is watching me type again... oh well.

so this last week was good, getting to know my new companion. (yes we are still zone leaders) he is short and from the south. he is almost 28 years old. he is really funny. he doesn’t want me to write how old he is bc he thinks that you guys won’t like him. he is reading this email as i write and doesn’t like what i am writing.. . tuff luck, huh!

anyway, the only funny thing that happened this week was when our neighbors downstairs started fighting with each other. they began to scream and yell. well, i was used to it, but this was a first for elder sidney. elder sidney ran to the window and we watched the whole thing :) they started to yell lots of bad words that i didn’t understand, but elder sidney did, so we left the window. it was pretty funny, but i guess you had to be

we have zone conference on wed, i think that pres will announce a lot of changes in the mission. i am excited and a little nervous. it will be great!

alyce: to be honest, i can’t remember. the french one is on the tip of my tongue, but i just can’t visualize it. the second i have never even heard before. send the answers, ok! actually, this last week the primary of our ward decided that i look like woody from Toy Story, so that is what they call me now.

mom- it rained yesterday, so almost no one went to church. but we are preparing 2 people to be baptized in 2 weeks and a family of 7 the week after. i guess i will write more next week. viviane and anderson are awesome!! tonight we have another fhe w/ them and anderson is going to give the message. i am pumped. and no, i didn’t get an email from pres brinton yet... :(

dad- good luck. i have a tough time deciding what to where everyday too. "hmm, lets see, white shirt with pants. i wonder what tie goes with this shirt?"

sorry again!
love elder helland

Acai' - the incredible PURPLE STUFF!

Elder Helland and Elder Sidney

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