Friday, August 1, 2008!

Letter from 7-30-08 - So sorry it's taken so long to post Adam's last two letters - first we were at the beach, then the first week back to school - I know, just a bunch of excuses, right? :-)
dear family,

just kidding, that is a really lame way to start a letter. Let me try again:

the transfer monster gobbled up
Elder Rhodes!

Well, now my companion is elder sidney from paraná, brasil. He is really cool, I knew him from juiz de fora. This is his last transfer, so we are sure to have a blast and work our fannies off. Elder Rhodes is now training in some place far away… it was a little sad at first, but now I just want to keep baptizing.

You know how it is on transfer days; no time to write. On top of that, elder Sidney doesn’t really write to anyone so he is done super fast. I am going to have to cut this short and write more next week. Sorry.

To sum up this last week let me tell you that we had a family of seven at church (2 of them didn’t go bc they were sick) we are working with a lot of inactive members whose families aren’t baptized right now. More to come about them this next week.

Sorry no cool pictures this week. Next week I will send you a picture of elder Sidney.

mom- whoa!! That is awesome!! I really miss pres brinton sometimes. Our new president is awesome, but you now how it is hard to deal with change sometimes… you end up missing what you were used to and loved.

Alyce- all I can say is stay away from creeps. You have strict orders from me not marry anyone! :-) Especially guys that find you at the temple and like pink and green and write letters to oprah. Either way though, sounds like you guys had an awesome vacation.

Dad. Heads up: if your back hurts it is a SORE back. I got really confused because “soar” is a verb in Portuguese that means “to sound” and my translator was broken and so I couldn’t figure out why you were using Portuguese!!

Sorry for the stinky letter

Love elder helland.

Ps- next week pday will be on Monday, so write your letters on Sunday, tá!?

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