Monday, December 1, 2008

Serenata de Amor

Letter posted on the day it was SENT! Whew-hoo! :-) See below for last's week letter that was sent late...and posted late!

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with love- serenata da amor is my favorite bom-bom. But I guess that that is love too.

So this week I don’t have any pictures to send. And not much to say either. This week is transfers and I think that I will probably stay here. It looks like my comp might get transferred, but the truth is that no one really knows. President is famous for changes up to the last minute.

This week those two boys were confirmed. Another family that we are teaching went to the church dance. They really liked it. I am excited to get ready to baptize a few more people this next week.

Mom- just say no to drugs, mom. [I told him to "just say no" when confronted with disgusting food - not really NO, but that he isn't very hungry or that he is having stomach problems] I want to you to imagine that you make dinner for the missionaries. Imagine that it is one of those “edge-y” dishes- not that you make edge-y dishes, but maybe you try something new for one night. (NEVER do that to the missionaries.) and when the missionaries sees the plate he says- “um, gee thanks sister helland, but suddenly I am not so hungry.” Then looks at his comp and gives him a look that says, “good luck eating this dog food.” BETTER YET, when the sweet poor sister that made me the food, however disgusting, says, “ hey elder, I made you MOCOTÒ”, I will just let out one of those famous movies screams of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……!!!” that echoes out into space.

Just so YOU know, I don’t feel better knowing that you guys are all sick of turkey. I have eaten beans and rice EVERY DAY for over a year. Stick THAT one on you lunchbox! And I’ll also have you know that I LOVE salad, but still HATE vinegar. I now eat mayonnaise, but don’t like it. Salad holds no terror for me- I eaten chicken feet and have seen people eat chicken heads- I have enough to be afraid of.

And hey, tell alyce to stop ralphing all over the places- that’s gross!

DAD, way to go Idaho- I would like to see this talked about patio. It bust be cool. I remember at our old house when you put up the mister system, you were one cool guy. Maybe the coolest guy in the hood. BUT NOW, wow. Now we are talking that big time.

And hey, you don’t need to lie to make me like you. You will always be the MVP in my book. J (JK- I am sure that you really did catch those passes. “it hit you in the HANDS…”)

“…only staircases and elevators get me down.” And maybe transfers too

The broncos and the cardinals are losing- hey dad, I don’t think that you are being a good enough fan. Maybe if you liked them more or used their t shirt they would win.

If turkey has triptophan- you have got to drink some maracuja juice. (also known as passion fruit juice) that stuff is good. It can make anyone tired. Especially missionaries.

Alyce- once again- you get all sick and because you procrastinated the letter- I get nothing from my favorite little surfer girl. Since you didn’t write I don’t have a lot to poke fun at. Except all the BARF. …. Man, up-chuck is always funny. Be careful not to toss your cookies on anyone. “bbbbBut the wwworse thing I ever done… ooooOne time I made this bucket of ffffFake barf…” “ and ttttttThen I mmmmMade this sound like this: bbBWWUuuEEEEEGHK, muragth, ahhhhhhaHHhurgt” “ and the people got all sick and started throwing up on each other.” [from the Goonies]

I also wanted you to know how much all missionaries think that you are a cutie. Yesterday, for example, the secretary of the mission- elder Kershaw, called me and asked if I would let him take you out. I said, “sure, it looks like she goes out with just about anyone… once.” And he was like, “yeah, but would you give me a recommendation.” I said that that required an extensive interview with multiple background checks, but I might make an exception for him. You see, alyce, every time I do a division, and I do a lot, I let other missionaries see pictures of my family. You are, of course, always initially interpreted as my girlfriend. But you are recognized as one of the cuter little sisters here in the mission. I just thought that I would brighten your day. Everyone asks if you are going to go on a mission too. Elder campos says that you don’t need too because cuties like you are the “mission blessings” of good returned missionaries. :-)

Elder helland

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