Monday, December 29, 2008

If there's something strange in your neighborhood...

who you gonna call?

Are you guys ready for a crazy story? Well, ready or not here it comes!!!:

So yesterday we were wandering around looking for the house of a media referral (people who call on the pass along cards). When we got there we found out that the address was a “centro espírita”- which means that it is a REALLY creepy place full of candle and statues of weird saints and devils. It is a place where people go so that they can talk with mediums and to have their future read, and a lot of other really scary stuff. I don’t even know if I can say how much I do not like even being NEAR one of these places. It is also like a church for voodoo religions and other spirit worshiping cults. ANYWAY, we get there and knock on the door and the man who comes to the door is José, who we are looking for. He had asked for a DVD for Christmas and we gave it to him. He was REALLY nice. He told us his story about how he was worried that b/c of his religion we wouldn’t even deliver his DVD. He said that he would go to church on Sunday for sure just to show how thankful he was. He invited us in to give us some mango juice. I didn’t want any (all I really wanted was to NOT go in and to GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE), but b/c of the circumstances it was impossible to say NO without hurting his feelings. So in we went and drank a quick glass of juice. All I wanted was to get out, so I told him where the church was and on the way out asked him if he knew anyone that would like to hear a message about the church of Jesus Christ. He said, “hang on” and went to his neighbors houses and asked them to let us teach them. They accepted and the next thing I knew we were upstairs in a tiny kitchen of his neighbor’s house with 8 or 9 other people teaching the first lesson. A lot of them were really receptive. They all said that they will go to church on Sunday. When we started talking about the book of mormon one lady said- “if you give me on of those books, and if it is true, I will get baptized.” Well, she kind of jumped the gun and beat me to that very invitation. I only had time to say, “uuuuhhmmm, sure…” when suddenly other people were asking about baptism and how it should be done and when and a bunch of other stuff. I smiled and thought, “why, thank you for asking, baptism happens to be one of my favorite subjects…”

Moral of the story- next time, before you call the ghostbusters- ask for referrals. Future investigators sometimes live next door to haunted houses.

So, once again- today isn’t really my pday, but pres said that we could write a little letter today b4 lunch.

DAD- man, that IS sad. :-) it would be funny if they just cut some of the players. I bet they fired several coaches already. I guess that it isn’t fun to be detroit. Sorry about the broncos. I am sure you probably watched part of one of their games. :-) no, just kidding. I know that after church we would do our home teaching sometimes just to listen to the radio in between houses. Or, we would drive home the long way to hear a little bit more. MAN, those were the good old days. Now I can’t even look at a tv or radio. Oh well.

MOM- 40 minutes next time. We went over and my companion teased me all day. Anyway, next time we talk it will be MAY with very little time until we can talk all we want. Until then I am going to enjoy everyday that I can’t talk to you.(b/c that means I am still a missionary) And you can enjoy every day that you don’t have to put up with me. :-) Hey, kind of like bytheway said about true friends. Cool.

Alyce_ hey small fry. Boring is good- just no boys. You can have all the fun you want after I get back- “until then put your life on hold for two years honey, and wait for me.” work is good. It makes you tired. Tired people sleep well. That has to be one of the things that I like most about being a missionary. I pass out every day at 10:30. I know that the rules say to sleep at 10:30, but I don’t think that I could stay up later most nights even if I wanted.

Well, I will write next week.
LOVE, elder helland

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