Monday, February 2, 2009

jeepers mister...

Letter from 1-19-09

jeepers mister, you're real strong.
"jeepers mister??"
"i was going for cute and innocent." (hercules, disney )

hey this new internet house doesn’t have WORD. i hope that word pad has spell check or something... because i am terrible at spelling these days-- ESPECIALLY in English! (i was always bad a at Portuguese :) )

NEWS- i got transferred. i am now in a ward called vila nova. my companion is elder modena. This is his second transfer. i am now a district leader again. i am totally excited bc i got here and there are already a few people ready for baptism. with a little work, we should baptize someone this week! her name is sandra. she is 50 something and has a bunch of tatoos. she is really excited to get baptized, she just has to fix a few things in here life for that to happen. and we are gonna help here. another man is named josenilson, and he is stopping with the coffee still. he will be baptized just as soon as he quits.

today we had a zone activity. it is a little bit weird not being the zone leader anymore, but refreshing. it is like something new and exciting- ALL OVER AGAIN! anyway- elder labrum and elder evans are in the zone so we had a great time playing around together and remembering the good old days of the mtc.

MOM- yep- what could you send me?!?! i thought of two things that you could send me. the first is a rubiks cube. my comp is in love. here they are called magic cubes, and he is teaching me how to play with them. BUT, they don’t make them so well here in the big 'ole brasil. that would be cool if you could. (i would probably give it to him as a present... after i played with it first :) ) The other thing is ... anything. i just really like getting stuff. i am not talking about greed, bc i currently don’t get a whole lot. I’m talking about need. it s just plain fun to get anything. pictures, puzzles, goofy stuff, candy or food. it makes me and my companion happy. it makes my district happy. in my new house the washing machine is busted and the repair man always has an excuse for why he doesn’t show up. so, yep, that means that i am washing clothes again by hand. BLEH. The truth is that i am bad at it, and the clothes still stink when i finish. BLEH BLEH. bytheway, that was the 3rd comp that i "killed". but when missionaries get close to going home they talk about home a lot. and that kills me. bleh :)

ALYCE- HEY- n, o means NO dating. tell mom to leave boy scouting to the boy scouts! i am glad to hear that you are working your tail off. it is fun isn’t it!?!? there is a greenie in my district that gets home so tired that he starts sleeping when he sits down. his companion has to wake him to tell him to take a shower, and every night when i call them he is already dead in the bed.

DAD- way to go idaho!! your fanship really paid off this year! thanks to years of fearless faithfulness in the face of doubters YOU DID IT!!! here is a high five: (picture of a red whithered hand) i know. it is kind of like a mutant high five... maybe like this: (another hand - green!) either way, i am proud of you :)

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