Monday, February 2, 2009

too bad cardinals

Letter 2-2-09
*Yep, I got behind AGAIN! :-) Below you will find the Adam's last three letters! :-)

this week was tuff. we baptized sandra, and that was really cool. i got a christmas card from camille and from the ward. i also got an AWESOME letter from a convert. it was the best i have EVER gotten. really cool. one of the poeple that i baptized in bento ribeiro. i got to write her back today.

MOM- hey i don’t when the deadline is for BYU, but elder rhodes said that he had to have it in by feb for byu idaho. pres sent his letter two weeks ago. help me! please to do it this week. Eek!

oh, and relax. everything is fine here. sorry the letter didn’t go thru. we baptized and are working our tails off.

alyce- sorry the email didn’t get thru last week. i love you still. keep up the good work. i hope you get last week’s this week bc i don’t think that i will write much...; good luck with school. maybe you can teach me how to dance some day....

DAD, hmm sorry about the big loss. no one in the zone believed me when i said the cardinals had gone to the super bowl. i guess we didn’t have enough faith. it is like that movie angels in the outfield. except the angels didn’t come to help out warner. hmmm. :) I’ll find out if i got the package this week.

this friday elder ellis of the presidency of the area is coming to see our mission. he is a seventy from the first quorum. i am really excited.

I’ve got to roll out. i hope to baptize another man this week called josenilson.
I’ll let you know next week.

elder helland

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