Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Week

Letter 3-9-09

man do i feel boring this morning...
this last week was good. president sent me an email saying " way to go", your zone was the second best baptizer of the mission. so that was cool. we baptized a little girl named eliza. she was really excited about it. i got to baptize her. we accidentally forgot to turn off the water to fill up the font until a little boy ran out and told me the bathroom was full of water. so that was a little mess that we got to clean up. speaking of messes: you know how we are living on the ground bc there aren’t any beds or mattresses or closets or shelves or tables or desks or chairs?(we have stuff for two missionaries to live well, but nothing for 4) anyway, on friday president and sister bezerra visited our house. i wanted to die. it was a surprise visit and it was quite embarrassing. well, in the end it was worth it because they liberated tons of money to buy the furniture that we need so badly. don’t worry mom, we clean our house every week. just that we also live out of our bags and sleep on the ground- like bums.

MOM- thnx for the help with BYU. good luck with the trek stuff. and i am a teacher of the truth- that means that i want the truth even if it makes me squirmy.

alyce- sounds cool lady! way to go, finally snagged a boyfriend. :-) i can't wait to meet him. congrats on the byu too! we must be geniuses, huh.

DAD- you are a pro, dude. really go for it. if field day is your thing- go pro! :-)

well, i got to go. i am going to cut my hair bc today i have to snag a travel bus back to Rio to go to a cool mission council tomorrow.

ill try and sent pictures next week- of our house and baptism, my comp and the other cool guys that i live with.

luv elder helland

ps got the packages from you guys and grandma jones thx a ton! also here are pictures of me and my comp

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