Monday, March 16, 2009

happy birthday police!!

Letter 3-16-09

happy birthday police!!

If last week was good, this week was fun. Don’t freak, but i went to the hospital. Twice. The first time i just went to get a skin infection looked at. The man gave medicine and now it is clearing up. He said that it is a bacteria that grows because of a lot of sweat and heat for long periods of time. So that was the first time. The next time i hit my head walking down the street. Here I am well above the average height, so most things bump me on the head. but this time it got me pretty good. I had to go to get some stitches in my forehead (kind of like Frankenstein). I sure hope I don’t end up with some kind of funky scar (like harry potter). Just kidding, i only got two stitches, it isn’t all that big. i had a HUGE goose egg on my head for a few days.

We had mission counsel this week, so we traveled to Rio and stayed there a few days for that. It was great. Besides that, not much happened. The last few days we have been scrambling to dig up some baptisms in the zone. We didn’t come up with much and so the assistants came out to stay with us last night (elder harmon and i got to hang out together again). Tt was great. This next week, i think that we will baptize a lady named claudia. she went to church on sunday and is pretty much ready. we are also teaching two more women that need to be baptized- fabiola and francirlene. update you next week.

i have got to go to lunch. i will try and send you pictures next week or later today of the house and my head.

love elder helland

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