Friday, June 12, 2009


Letter from 6-1-09 24

Sorry about the lame letter last week. The real problem is more of a time thing than interest. Lets see, what has been going on here…
My comp is elder silva. He is a chubby Brazilian from the extreme north of the country. He is pretty funny, I guess. He is in love with rock and roll; the extreme metal or grunge kind. (metallica, nirvana, ramstein, etc…) b/c of this he spends most of the day playing the air guitar when we are walking from one appointment to another. Weird, huh?
What else?... these last two weeks we have started an interesting set of activities in the zone. Maybe I will send the ppt that I sent to the president and the assistants detailing what we have been doing. It seems to be going well still. We are keeping a close eye on it.
Been a while since I have baptized anyone… we are working on that! Actually this last week we worked with some of the missionaries in the zone. One pair had three little girls that they wanted to baptize, so we went there this weekend to help out. Their mom wanted to let them be baptized, but the dad, a drunk, didn’t. we spent several hours talking with this man in front of his house until he gave in and let his kids get baptized. It was fun! He was really drunk and mean. He called us all bad names and stuff, but we just laughed with him and kept on pushing for baptism. It worked! We will most likely do the same thing this week. Gotta go where the baptism is…
Today I am going to Rio again for a mission counsel. My last. It will be cool bc it is going to be two days long. The first day will be a play day (sports and fun with president) and the next all business. Yipee.

MOM- sorry, not a lot to write. Got to work more. Almost out of time- and not just on the internet. The truth of the matter is that soon we will be able to chat. A lot. So hang on.

DAD- wish me luck. Tomorrow I am going to play tennis against the pres. Then soccer and basketball- I am coming home MVP!

ALYCE- man- you are going to make a weird adult. Usually when my stomach hurts it means that I am going to have diarrhea. And a lot.

Love elder helland

Oh yeah…

looks like you told everyone and their dog to write me something for my birthday :-) thanks! it was great to get b-day e-mails! i got emails from:
gma & gpa helland
aunt liz
anti and greg
gpa and nanny
and sister roberts? (wierd, huh...)

another thing of importance- My debit card hasn’t been working in the last couple of weeks. not that i am going hungry, well at least i am not getting fat, but i wanted to be able to buy some stuff before i go home. not a lot of stuff, just maybe some cds and a t-shirt. Can you please see what’s going on there for me? thx for helping me out.

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