Monday, June 15, 2009


Letter 6-15-09

i think that i will write a little next week. very little.

so this week was great. we found a lady, neuza, last week that went to church and she was baptized this week. it was great. her sister nilza went and we are going to try and baptize her this next week. a great story that i will tell in greater detail- in a week. :)

as for the information about my comps bank account, we will go to the bank today and get all of that. the need for the money got more important this week when i lost my wallet on saturday. somehow it fell out on the bus. a member of the church was on the bus and picked up the wallet later and gave it to the driver. today i will go to the office of the bus and see if i cant get it back. stinks, huh. i will send a little email later with the bank stuff and news if i got the wallet back or not.

1) [question - what do you want to eat when you get home] for food- i used to think about that sometimes- "man, when i get home i want them to have a pizza in the car for me"- and other weird things like that. Right now i am not really sure what i would want. ... actually the more i think about it, there is so much stuff that i would like to eat... i am up for anything really. if i used to like it, chances are that i still like it. i could suggest some things that i DONT want- spaghetti, rice, lasagna, ramen, :), and of course beans. :)

2) [question - anything else in particular you want regarding coming home - we're in the "catering to Adam" mood] not right now. i guess i am feeling pretty relaxed today. i dont have many ideas. i guess i am trying not to think about being at home too much. if anything comes to mind i will write you next week. right now, anything is great for me.

MOM= its funny that you mention elder everton. poor guy. i think that i went pretty hard on him. not excusing some of the dumb things that he did. maybe one of the great things that i have learned on the mission is how to manage problems and tough situations. i think if we were companions now, we would get along better, mostly bc i know how important it is to have a good relationship and how to have one. well i guess those experiences so long ago prepared me for others, just as tough in the future.

DAD- yeah, that elder is pretty pumped that the lakers won. kobe mvp. well that makes sense- that man makes the team. which, tying it in to the gospel, is something that i have learned these last weeks. one man can make a huge difference. for example: our misson pres got here and turned the mission around. not that i was bad before, but now it is so much better- growing everyday. another example: a missionary in my zone did a lot bad stuff, not like serious sins, but gossip and behavior stuff, and still i am dealing with the results of his actions two month ago. he complicated everything in that area for the missionaries. one man can make a huge difference. for the better or worse.

ALYCE: hope you don’t freeze your booty off [on the pioneer trek]. :) i am freezing mine every night here. i sleep in jeans and a shirt and a sweater because it is the winter here and our house only has two blankets and four missionaries. i only get to use my superman sheet to keep me warm at night. the sheet is worn pretty thin these days. on top of that we have to have fans blowing on us all night to save us from the mosquitoes.

well, i try not to think about you guys this week, but cant wait to see you next.

love elder helland

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