Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sorry last weeks letter was lame...

But i do have a fairly good excuse, and here it is in the short narrative form: AHEM... last week after signing to the missionary email service, i immediately typed a quick letter for you guys and sent it. then i started writing another, more meatier letter. it was great, i typed for 30 min solid, several pages were involved. then, as i went to send it, i lost it. ALL of it. sorry. well, the plane ride was... hmmm ... good? ill have to write you a snail mail letter with the whole narrative for that. ( it was on last weeks email but.. well you know) As for letters received from you guys, i have only got the candy laden one from mom, and the cool letters from grandma jones and jen. THX a bunch. mail here is more than a matter of bragging. he who gets the most mail IS KING. so thanks for the help, i won that day.(some other guy also got two, but the candy put me over the top.) WELL, i went to the campinas temple again today. it really is awesome. Everyone there is always talking to me in Portuguese, and i am always like, "desculpe, nao falo portuguese. nao entenge." actually, i like that i am always being mistaken for a brasileiro. my companion, elder harmon, is really great. ill try to get a picture of us to you. he Really REALLY likes to study and plan and set goals, which is perfect, because those are all weaknesses of mine. we share a room with four other missionaries, 2 americans, two brasilieros. they are all awesome. Elders Labrum (short and blond) and Cangelosi (dark hair) are the americans. Labrum is the DL for our district (dist 27b). all of our dist. going to rio. 12 of us in all, and we are all so excited. the other two are elder silva and .... elder silva. Same names, not related at all. there are TONs of brazilian missionaries with that last name here. the food here is awesome. i told alyce that i eat fresh pineapple every day. i drink tropical fruit juice with every meal. i ALSO eat beans and rice A whole lot. i try to try everything that they serve, but some of the stuff is... well all i can say is that i hope that i dont run into that stuff out in the field at dinner at someone’s house. so, food is great. the city looks so foreign. and it is, but... it really is so weird. Sao paulo is huge, ridiculously big. i'll send a picture. the ctm is pretty big too. there are about 350 missionaries here. Eu voces amo- Elder adam helland P.S. i am almost out of time, so... i mailed another letter today. in it is one for jen and g-ma jones. it would cost me another couple bucks to mail them in seperate envelopes, sooo, thanks for the help in delivering those. i really, have so very very little time to write here at the ctm. the bus to and from the temple is it, and then 45 min here at the email cafe. the computers here are slow and the keyboards are goofy, so MOM if you could please edit correct this letter, that would be the best. (smile) thanks! ill write next week!

Here are a few pictures Adam attached:

View from Adam's CTM window

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