Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WHoa!!! I made it and it IS aWESoME!!

Here's Adam's first e-mail from the MTC (They call it CTM in Brazil). Hopefully his next e-mail will be longer! :-)

WOW, there is so much that i could tell you... but i will start with the email rules. i know that we thought that i was NOT going to get to email in the CTM (missionary training center), well... we were wrong. So, here’s the deal: i can check my email once a week (in the CTM that is on tuesday) and be on the computer for 45 min. i can receive email from my family and send email to my family, just you guys and alyce. (though, REAL mail is fun too) ALSO, We are only allowed to WRITE letters on Pday so the letters people get will probably be short and sweet cause i dont have much time to write, mail, do laundry, go to the temple(6 hr trip total!), AND eat. so thats that.


Anonymous said...

Is that it? His first communication? Make sure you send him an email that says we want updates on WHAT and HOW he's doing, along with an I LOVE YOU every once in awhile.

:) Jen

Alyce said...

yeah i know we thought it was pretty lame till we got the 'snail mail' letter!
<3 Alyce