Saturday, January 5, 2008

feliz ano novo!

Whoa- happy 2008 to you guys too! Just so you know, it was 2008 here FIRST! Ha ha! Actually, it was a pretty long night. I just wanted to sleep like regular, because walking all day up and down mountains makes me tired. BUT, a certain brazilian that lives with me was excited pra caramba for the new year. So, 10:30 rolled around and i hit the hay, only to be awoken at 11:30, because he wanted to go out and see the fireworks. He finally got me out of bed and we got downstairs to see the explosions. I noted that there is a BIG difference in the fireworks THERE (USA) and HERE. There, they have selected places that professionals light big fireworks. Here, they sell those things to the public and everyone does their own from the roof of their house. IT WAS SO LOUD!!! Explosions EVERYWHERE! So this went on for about an hour and i was asleep again by 12:30. So that was it for new year, other than that it was a regular day. (well, actually, there were A LOT more drunks that usual, those guys are a bunch of fun!)

As far as new investigators go- we are teaching this english teacher and her father. she came to church this last Sunday, and it was pretty good. Our stake president came and took the Sunday school to tour the new chapel, so she got to see it. (the new chapel is awesome- i will have to send pictures!(next week, if i don’t get transferred) the only bad thing was that we have this crazy old woman in our ward that decided to talk to her the whole time on the tour. This wacky lady was talking about all kinds of stuff. When i found them, she was talking about the temple- to our BRAND NEW investigator! I interrupted and tried to steer the conversation to something more suitable. Later i came back, and she was talking about excommunication. I was like: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” So i hope that this doesn’t affect our investigator in a bad way. I think that we are going to start giving lessons to the members after lunch about how to talk to investigators and nonmembers. Algums sao sem jeito!

Now replies:
Alyce: you looked gorgeous in those fotos! And that jacket was pretty sweet!

Mom: no packages yet, but maybe i should sent the thank yous anyway :-) loved talking to you too. It was the most fun i have had on a p-day!

Dad: my little skiing boy! Sounds like you guys had fun. Yup, you’ll have to take me when i get home! (snowboarding?:) )

Love elder helland

E-mail from Elder Everton:

hi helland family thank you for the gifts . i liked them a lot. i saw your picture in colorado and it was very beautiful. now i´m so close to finish my mission ´cause now i´m in my last week but it was very good work with elder helland .he´s a good missionary. he´s close to kill me . so feliz ano novo

elder everton

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