Saturday, January 12, 2008

is it senhor or senior... either way i guess...

well, that’s the big news- i am now a senior companion! i got transferred out of correas to this area called bairu in juis de fora. my junior is this new brazilian missionary that, too, doesn’t speak ANY english. it feels weird to be senior to this other missionary , when i only have a transfer or two more than him on the mission. so here we are two newbies lost in juiz de fora! :) yeah, that came as quite the surprise in transfer meeting when president called that out. i was like, "oh-no, this is not funny." all of the other guys that were in my ctm district came to me afterwards and made fun of me. of the 12 of us now, 2 of us are seniors and one went home for health problems. now about my new comp. : his name is elder peirera (or something like that) i can’t really remember where he is from or anything. we have only been together less that a day. i do remember that his first name is moroni! my new apartment is cool, pretty big. the problem is that all my clothes are dirty because i didn’t do any before that move.

well, sorry, i don’t have much time to write today, i will write more next week.
love elder helland

ps. thx jay for the letter- foi a unica! i got the package from gma jones, thx!! i haven’t mailed in forever- i will try to do it this week!

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