Wednesday, January 16, 2008


(that is actually something that the people say here that is a funny change from rio. “oh-why”!)

Howdy dudes and dudettes!

Sorry about the lame letter last week, I was really rushed to type and stuff. So the news is that I am now in minas gerias [another state]. I am just now getting un-lost. We spent the first few days teaching and meeting the old investigators, we have several awesome ones here that are ready for baptism. Elder Pereira was in this area last transfer so he knows that investigators. The problem is that he doesn’t always know where they live. He was here for 6 weeks, but he didn’t learn the streets all that well, so we are learning together. Our area is pretty much just hill. Big hills. Lots of them. Correas had hills, but this… this is different. Really, everything here is built on a steep hill. Actually, I like it.

Now for a little that I learned about my companion this week. His name is moroni, which is to say that he was born in the church. If you ask him where he is from he will say that he is from santa catarina (or something like that- somewhere in the sul) but the truth is that he is from here… rio. He only lived in santa catarina for like 9 months or something, his parents actually live in Niteroi (part of RIO capital). I guess that is just inside the north rio mission. This is his 3 transfer, and he is a great teacher. Now we are finding new investigators to teach, and it is really cool.

Speaking of the new ones- we found a guy named Ruan. He is this 24 to 28 year old man. He has longhair and a few tattoos. His living room had a few movie posters hung up in it.(pirates III and homen aranha III :-) ) We taught this AWESOME lesson to him and he was REALLY exited about the message. Before we even extended any commitments for him to pray to know, he said, “Man, if this book, and this story were true, it would really change my life.”(more-or-less translation) needless to say that he accepted all the commitments to read pray and come to church. Then at the end of the lesson we were trying to schedule a return appointment, and he was telling us about his work schedule. Then he was like, “you guys will think this is pretty funny. … I work as a “show-man”!! Now the word he used in Portuguese was “showman”, and I didn’t know what that meant, and neither apparently did my comp. so elder Pereira asked, and he was like, “uh hang on, I’ll show you”, and then went to the other room. I was thinking that he told us he was a stripper or something, and that is what e. Pereira thought too. We were about to get up and run out the door, when he came back with photo albums. We looked at them and it turns out he is like a clown. A bar-clown. He juggles bottles and blows fire and stuff. It came as such a relief - but that is like something that we can definitely work around.

So that is it for this week. I do miss elder everton. Next week I will have to attach the funniest movie of his first (second actually) bubbly gum bubble. But me and elder Pereira are doing awesome.

Alyce- awesome- byu, hein! LEGAL!! AND WHAT- you killed my car! NOT COOL

Mom-boa sorte com [good luck with] Future City. I’ll pray that the end comes quickly :-)

Dad- you are not a loser face. You’re a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins! :-)

Logan- um feliz aniversario, é o que desejamos pra você. Nossa homenagem aqui via, feliz aniversario pra você! (Musica da missão. Nos contamos pra todas os missionários) [Happy 1st Birthday Greeting!]
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