Tuesday, February 5, 2008

desculpe, a veio cedo essa semana...

(note from Monday, February 4, 2008)

so, turns out that i am e-mailing on monday- surpresa! sorry, that i didn’t tell you, i thought that we would still get to e-mail on wed! we are going to ask permission to read emails on wed, so be sure and write anyway!!! the news here is .... carnival. there is really no comparison for it in the states. for a week solid almost no one really works, and there is a TON of drinking and weird costumes and loud music in the streets! bizarre to the max!! its rad! the problem is all the new rules that come for this week. it really makes working a lot harder. we start the day at 9 and we have to be home by 7, which is when most of our investigators can meet with us. so, we end up just calling them to see how they are doing and mark for next week. it really stinks. nobody is home in the mornings, and those that are, are sleeping. also- everybody travels, so few investigators came to church we us. SIGH... just a few more days of this...

in other news, we actually did really good this last week. se não for carnival, nós provavelmente poderíamos ter consigido MUITO mais. mas, vida é assim, né. (If it wasn't for carnival we probably would have had much more success - but that's life, right?)

well, i will write more Wednesday-- SO BE SURE AND WRITE!!!

LOVE elder helland

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