Tuesday, February 5, 2008


(Letter from 1-30-08)

is what my comp calls me- i guess i mispronounced the word for slippers too many times!

howdy family-

pic 1 picture of me in the van on the way to zone conference!!

pic 2 the river sidon after capt moroni beats all those lamanites!... actually i think that a kool-aid truck probably fell in the river... i hope, anyway, that it was a kool-aid truck...

pic3 minha bela área- tá vendo os morros??? (My beautiful area – can you see the hills?)

well, this was a cool week, we taught a grip of people and walked all over town looking for more! big news: at interviews i got two packages... the long anticipated packages from jen and jay! e. pereira liked the presents for e. everton :) THANK YOU family for the GREAT presents! You guys ROCK!

we found out about president hinckley on monday in our district meeting. our zone leaders came in and told us. at first i had the same feelings of sadness, but just for a second. it was actually a neat experience- i looked around at the other missionaries- there was a neat spirit in the room- then there was this very clear realization that came to me: nothing really had changed for us. sure, the prophet that we loved was gone, but God would call another- that really is our message to the world - that God has called prophets again and revelation continues. the message is the same, and the work goes on. during the day we told members that we saw about the news and taught them about how God would call another.

sorry, i am being rushed again this week...

mom: i don’t really know if i have gained weight or not. i am not sure what i weighed before and now i weight about 87 kilos. do the math and tell me if i am fatter or not. i have NO idea what the conversion is. oh, by the way, those teenagers went to church with us- and brought their girlfriends and little cousins too. they liked it!!!

alyce: you are a little dating maniac!! love you!!

dad: hmm, i don’t know... if you go there could be trouble, BUT... if you stay it could be double. yeah, well, you’ll have to let me know if you ...went or stayed :)

sorry not a good letter.

love elder helland

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Claudia said...

1 kilo is about 2.2 lbs (Thank you mechanics! lol) so Adam now weighs about 192 lbs. Adam may have gained some weight.

Just in case anyone was wondering ;)