Friday, February 22, 2008

trainer and district leader...whoa!! that was wicked AWESOME!...

Wed. 2-20-08
trainer and district leader...

whoa is this an exciting day!

today i wont be able to write, but i will write tomorrow!! i read the emails already, so fell free to send a little note for tomorrow :)

elder helland

ps. my greenie´s name is elder soares!!! (from sao paulo)

Thurs. 2-21-08
whoa!! that was wicked AWESOME!...

just remembering my favorite quote from the incredibles.
tuesday night we got the call that would say who would go and who would stay. the zone leaders called and said that i would stay and elder pereira was transferred. I was sad. Then they said that i had to go to transfer meeting too. Usually, if your comp leaves and you stay, you do a division with someone else and stay in the city. BUT, I HAD TO GO TO TRANSFER METTING!!! That could only mean one thing - i was gonna train! So i was pretty nervous, and the trip to Rio from here is about 5 hours by van, so i got to sweat it a long time, thinking of all the possibilities that would mean i WOULDN’T have to train. Training is a HUGE responsibility, and i was more than a little scared.
So i got to the meeting, and was spaced out until president got to my name and said
“elder helland - treinador e lider de distrito- bairu. Vai treinar elder soares.” Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
So today i have started to realize just how much there is to teach a new missionary. Things that i take for granted, being as old as i am in the mission : )> things like missionary schedule, teaching lessons, and a whole slew of unwritten rules that pres gives at zone conferences. It is really exciting. (os: jay-i could use some advice right about now!!)

Elder Soares is from são paulo (sion paulo J) and has been a member for one year now. So, he is REALLY green. He is also AWESOME. He speaks english, which is to say that he is the first companion i have had that speaks good english. He is the only member in his family, but his parents like the church.

Yep, we’ve got great investigators, but i think that i will have to tell you about them next time.

Transfers were great in respect to letters. I got letters from claudia, legrand, the estes, camille, and more!! I also got three packages!! Valentines day, one with pictures in it and another with christmas stuff. you guys are AWESOME!!! thank you, thank you!

I also got a bunch of cool letters from family members. THANK YOU!!! The faith in the nation speech was gnarly radical!

Mom- i think that i will use that brownie training tomorrow in mutual. The missionaries are teaching the youth, and we are going to do an activity of street contacting too! The kids will love it. (also, we are going to have a few investigators there!!)

Dad: way to keep it real dude!! The shirt is SO COOL!! Thx a bunch!! Good luck
finding cars.... ( ps-shaq is the man, but i am sad about marion...)

Alyce: your email filled me with happiness- i love to hear that the boys are keeping their distance...i am too far away to approve them for you, so maybe it is better if you just wait, and start liking boys when i get back... (ps- work is awesome!! Remember why you do it. That is how i get through the day!- singing all the way!)

Sorry got to go-

Love elder helland

pic 1 us with the bishop and his family.; we eat lunch at their house once a week!! the mom (sandra) is the YW pres and she reminds me of you-- she is so cool!!
pic 2 me pigging out on a division. it was the weirdest mess of stuff and hot in a pan- but it tasted pretty good... later that night, i spent a few hours in the bathroom because it…(passei mal, sabe)
pic 3 our last meal together- we made burgers and fries and shakes. sounds great, right? in brazil, this is NOT considered a "lunch". oh well, i loved it!! (do-do dodi-doooo- im lovin it) [mc-smile]

pic 4 an investigator named lucas. he will be baptized in a couple weeks.

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Seth said...

Hey! I thought that the quote was,"Whoa!! That was like sooo totally WICKED!!!" I guess he will have to work on his movie quotes when he gets back :)