Thursday, June 26, 2008

listen to your heartbeat...

(letter from 6-18-08)

...and dance.

lame i know. and it is way too cheezy, but i thought that is was clever and i found it on one of those chocolate wrappers in the chocolate that i got for my b-day.

well, i have got to be really fast, because the first time that i wrote you an email, i lost it. i had very little time the first time.

so let me update you on the week:
last sunday the family went to church along with two others. i am super excited because we have a few really great FAMILIES that we are teaching right now. FAMILIES can be ETERNAL!!! i feel like shouting it sometimes in the lessons, but i think that that might scare them. they don’t understand English anyway. but really, what wouldn’t someone do to have their family forever?

i will tell more about the families next week, (if i am not transferred :))

sorry this letter is terrible, the first had a lot more to it, but now i GOT TO RUN!

elder helland

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