Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one-eyed dogs and yellow jellow...

Letter from 6-4-08 - (Sorry family - Alyce and I were in Virginia and NYC for the past two weeks and were unable to post Adam's letters! This next weeks will be over due too, as we're off to Girl's camp!)

The Tale of the Ingrown Toenails:

This week we had the incredible opportunity to go to the hospital. Elder Rhodes had a foot problem. His toenails had rebelled and seceded from the union, and then declared open war on his foot. I didn’t bring the camera today to send the awesome bloody pictures of his toe. Let me give you an idea. FIRST, take a look at your left foot. (or if you prefer, your right) THEN, imagine that the big toe is two times the size that it is right now. NOW, then take a knife or a fork or a well sharpened pencil, or anything that comes to a point that happens to be near you right now, and plunge it into your toe. That is pretty much how elder Rhodes says that it felt to have the toe surgery to take off the nail. They didn’t num it. They just took out a pair of pliers and some scissors, …

To tell the truth, I thought that is was pretty funny at the time. Every time that the lady even TOUCHED it he would make this face of extreme pain. The whole time she was just looking at the toe and asking questions like, “does this hurt?”, to which elder Rhodes responded through clenched teeth, “YEEEAAAGGGHHRRRR!” his faces were priceless. He now regrets not letting me take pictures while we were there. (Am I sick or what?) Anyway, because of that, we spent a whole day at home reading the book of Mormon and PMG. It was weird. Nowadays he is using the other pair of my doc martins, b/c they are WAY too big for him and that means more room for his poor little toes.

So enough foot talk.

This week we really took a hard look at our group of investigators and we said these ones are progressing, these are not. We had to cut a lot of them. We are looking for some families that will go to church this Sunday. We have taught a few so far this week, so we’ll see if they go. If they do I will surely tell you.

We have taught a few lessons lately to what may be considered relatively crazy people. It has been neat to see that as this people that have some sort of mental problems (nothing extreme- just slow or… really slow…), they invite us to their apartments and listen to our message, they recognize the spirit. I keep thinking, ‘these are children of God’, and ‘inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these…’. As these thoughts came to my head, I really felt the spirit and enjoyed talking to them. We invited them to church, and we will see what happens from there.


I just called the secretaries and they said that I got one or two packages and a letter or two. I don’t know who yet, but I will get them this Friday for interviews. Cowabunga !

Well, I am low on money until we get our allowance tomorrow, so I will have to wrap up soon, the computer time is almost up and I still have to write a letter to president.

So have fun in you various travels, and dad, maybe you can keep it real back at home alone doing something cool, like reading the book of mormon. That is what I do when I have to stay home.!
LOVE elder helland

-elder rhodes with his foot up, after foot surgery.
-enjoying a stawberry smoothy.
-with the president and his wife and the assistants.

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