Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I heart conference!

Letter 4-6-09

Man conference was the best!
My favorite was elder Holland’s talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I felt really excited to go out and tell EVERYONE that a prophet speaks! It was great. The only down side is that we had to watch it all in Portuguese. Not that i can’t understand it, but it isn’t the same. Imagine it all without voice intonation and sometimes they even translate it different. BUT i guess the real teacher was the holy ghost- who is present in all languages. I learned what i needed for today and for this week. We shared a lesson with a member the other day where we read that one quote from president brigham young saying that he would give up all of the written and ancient scriptures to have a living prophet. I thought a lot about how incredible was the opportunity to see a prophet speak. When my companion fell asleep in the first session all of the missionaries woke him up and chewed him out after ward. Poor guy. i found some hersheys dark chocolate and so i bought some. I snacked on it during conference and used it to bribe some kids to be reverent.

Well this week is transfers again. Not really sure what’ll happen. Guess you’ll get the news next week.

We were going to baptize a little girl, but she couldn’t because she might move this week. Maybe if she doesn’t move she will be baptized this week.

Well i got to go. Sorry, i guess some days i don’t feel like writing much, huh.

Do i need anything, you ask? Baptisms. But if you can’t send me that i´ll take a letter or candy or pens. I hadn’t received a letter in a while, but last week i got one from Sarah. Thx! :-) I know that i don’t have much time left and that means that i need to work harder than ever, but i bet you can still send letters for a least another month with out running the risk on me beating them home.

Elder helland

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