Wednesday, April 22, 2009

waiting for something amazing to happen, I guess

letter from 3-30-09
This week was pretty dang good, i guess.
We baptized two women- claudia and tais. This next week will be a girl name milena.
It has been pretty exciting because the mission has been changing so much since pres bezerra came – no more movies, no more guitar, no more pday traveling, no more coke, and tons of other stuff. Even better have been the change in success. We were looking at a report that pres sent to all of the zone leaders about the mission growth. Last july, pres bezerra´s first month here, the mission baptized 46 people in the whole month. In the next two months he made a goal for the mission to baptise 100 in the month of september- something that hadn't happend in over 8 years in our mission. We got close, baptizing only 90, still the best that had happened in over 5 years. We celebrated and president took all of the zone leaders to this sweet restaurant (it was awesome). And now for more recent news: This last week our mission baptized 47 people! In one week. This month of march we baptized over 185! Doubled that 90 that we we so happy to get in september. Cool,huh

I don't know if you ever got the pictuires of my head, so here they are:

So, i don't have a lot to write this week. I guess if i thought that my head was dumb last week, you should see my comps head this week. He has this weird tropical infection thing that gives him these occasional boils (i don't know what to call them in english- they are like huge zits. Usually just one at a time. He had a huge one on his elbow, and he would squeeze puss out of it every day.) anyway, he has one on his jaw now. It lookes like the biggest zit of all time, but he is afraid to pop it. It is so big it makes his face look asymmetrical and lopsided. Everyone in the ward and everyone we teach gives their own witch doctor remedy of what to do. Everyone tries to diagnose him, but everyone has a different story of what it is that he has. I am going to call sister today, because he doesn't want to. It is pretty wierd. I hope that it isn't catchy... hehehe. (will you still love me if i come home looking like and elephant? :-) {what movie?}

this internet place stinks.

Well, i guess i'll talk to you next week.
Elder helland

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