Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today I’m Tired

Letter 4-13-09

i had a fever last night and i am still getting over it. i didn’t sleep much, and don’t feel much like writing a lot today. PLUS we are doing a zone activity today- soccer and pizza. (oh-yeah, elder christensen and I are still together here in tres rios.)

this last week was good, but tough. we are going to baptize a lady this week. we went to juiz de fora last week to have a meeting with the stake president (about an hour and a half from here) it was cool. we are organizing a stake mission day, where we are going to put tons of priesthood holders on the streets to knock doors and do contacts with people. there are going to be at least 50 members from the stake in our little city this next Tuesday all trying to do some good.

tomorrow i am going to rio again. (Tonight i get the bus, actually) we have a meeting with the president in his house with all of the zone leaders. it is going to be great. the last time president did a really cool sermon thing about the creation and the fall and the atonement and he let us ask all kind of questions. i hope he does something like that again.

MOM- sorry everything is so sloppy, but i am pretty groggy. this other guy that lives in our house, elder pili, got the same virus, so we both had fevers all night and kept getting up to use the bathroom. i was pretty sick. me and him were joking last night that if we were at home we would flop on the couch and turn on the tv or a movie or something to help get to sleep. i ended up just playing with that dang Rubik’s cube for 40 min in the bathroom. (beat my record, solved it in under 2 min. ) :)

DAD- elder pili loves b-ball, and is thrilled that you send such good and useful information every week, too bad he is from san diego and doesn’t care much for the suns or the d-backs. he did really like the march madness finals info. he thinks you are the greatest.

ALYCE- man, not writing to me AGAIN! i think i will cry. mom has to tell me all that goes on with you now a days. tell me about school and this nathan kid. just talk to me lady! love ya anyway.

well i am sick, i think that i will grab some more ibuprofen.

love you guys,

elder helland

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