Monday, June 22, 2009

the days are just packed...

Last letter from Brazil! Adam comes home this Thursday at 9:10 AM!!! We are soooo excited to see him!!! :-)

Letter 6-22-09
the days are just packed...

well, we ended up baptizing neuza's son- evandro. nilzas husband won’t let her get baptized until next week. i went to juiz de fora this week and spent most of the other days in the other areas of my zone trying to secure baptisms in the zone. we ended up with 4. like everyone said, i guess i will see you guys this week. weird.

MOM- thx for the money- i didn’t know i would lose my wallet and all my money and the amount you sent helped us keep working hard this week.
DAD- i can’t wait to see the house. i can only barely remember it. i am pretty excited to see you guys too, i guess.
ALYCE- tell nathan i am pumped to meet him. elder silva thinks that i should just walk up and give his a kiss on the lips to break the ice. i am thinking about it... :) just kidding.

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love ELDER helland

mark 5:19
then luke 15:6

One last time…
i tried to confirm the time of my flight, but the office is REALLY busy with transfers and a hundred other HUGE changes in the mission. i guess I’ll get there when I get there.

ELDER helland


Anonymous said...

Tim and I LEAVE this Thursday at 6am! So close.

We'll have to get together when we're back in August. Please. Contrary to what my lack of letters say, I miss you tons fool.

Claudia said...

Oh, and that was I (Claudia) by the way =P