Wednesday, November 14, 2007


all your e-mail titles this week were weird. 'Testosterone' and 'you’d be dead', i was like "awesome, i wonder what the heck happened there this week?" anyway, no pictures this week, my batteries in my camera just died and refused to last long enough to get any pictures in. this week was pretty awesome here. i don’t think i told you, it rains everyday here, so i get pretty wet. this last week my american umbrella finally gave up the ghost, and so i went and bought a new one from one of the weird vender-guys that cover the streets in the downtown. he had three choices of umbrella. the BIG, non-compact ones: 20$R , and then there were two, seemingly identical compact ones. one was 5$R the other was 15$R. well, as you know, missionary life is one devoid of dineiro, and so i asked what the difference was between the two, all the while already having decided to go with the cheaper one. the man said one was higher quality, but i thought- hey!, i am buying this off the street- quality-shmolity. so i bought the cheap one. the next day it rained and i found out why he said there was a difference. my current umbrella functions like a t-shirt. it lets the water right in! well, since then i have found that it works well enough in light rain, but the big stuff just soaks me, guarda-chuva notwithstanding.

legrand to korea! whoa dude!!!! that is totallly awesome! i think that we had a missionary in our ward (your ward) that shane and i went on splits with who was waiting for his visa to korea. that is a language that i am glad that i don’t have to speak. (by the way, yes, they just SPLIT the india mission. we get the 'church news' here - newspaper)

in answer to ALL those questions- no, we don’t really have any good investigators now. our baptism for this last sunday fell through, and now we are looking for new investigators.

MOM- i am ALWAYS obedient. but, yes, i am still having a few problems with elder everton. he is pretty fubeka and trunky some days. but the president is working with me to make our companionship better. don’t worry about this. i tell the president everything and talk with him regularly no, i haven’t got the packages yet, nor will i until transfers. i will update you then. WHAT DO YOU MEAN- YOU ALREADY DECORATED FOR CHRISTMAS?!? do you know what the date is? we aren’t even close to thanksgiving yet! you guys are little kids!

alyce- what’s all this talk about dating - you sound too old. yep, mom and dad had cool titles this week and well, yours was.... think of more, that’s a good idea. i wrote you a regular letter, but the post office that mails to the USA is a 4 mile walk from our house, and i just have to hope that we walk past it some time this week. i love you letters they make me laugh.

dad- all i can say is good luck. unfortunately- testosterone here is expensive. i could send you some drugs- but i don’t think that’s what you wanted. how about this- i saw a clip on a tv in a store about something exploding at a basketball game. (that’s my best "how bout those bears.. "- planes trains and automobiles:) ) [This is in reply to Eric "complaining" about being with two girls all the time- Alyce and me - and needing some more "testosterone" in the home without Adam here! :-)] but losing to a girl... no manner of e-mail consolation can fix that! [Eric shared how our newest family member, Deb – Lance’s wife – beat him at golf AND bowling this past weekend!!!]

well, sorry i gotto go. i will write some of the spiritual experiences that you guys always want in a letter today. the problems is it is always hard to re-write those things, because i spént so much time writing them the first time. maybe one day i will mail you my journal.:)

love you all-
elder helland

Read blog below from last week - I just put it on TODAY! I guess I'm a fubeka (slacker), too!

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