Wednesday, November 21, 2007

imagine turkey on beans and rice- THAT is why we don’t have turkey day here!

Happy turkey-day! Maybe i will go and find some artificial turkey-burgers to cook tomorrow. Just so you know, mom, we DO eat at the houses of members almost everyday- except p-day. We eat LUNCH at the houses of members. BEANS and RICE - usually accompanied by some kind of bony, chewy meat. EVERY DAY! To say that I love the arroz and fejao, seria uma mentira. But i eat it because it is the only food that we get every day. Hope that you guys have fun eating all that... [sob, sob]... sorry, i guess i am pretty jealous of all the good stuff you’ll have. Say “hi” to all the family out there for me. Sounds like fun to have everyone over. The activities sound AWESOME! I am sure that everyone will love it! Ken and angie sent me a pacote (package) that was AMAZING! The delicious taste of REESES is still on my lips!

Sorry, but I have limited time to write letters, especially since my companion doesn’t write to hardly anyone. Hey, alyce, I wrote you a letter or two, but i haven’t mailed them yet. Actually, i have a lot of letters to mail, but the post office is SO STINKING far from our house that we haven’t passed by there yet. Today, i promise that i will mail them.

Kory and roxanne came to church, huh? Yep, i know roxanne, we ate lunch together some times in high school. That is awesome. Tell kory that he won’t get another letter from me till he sends one. 2 unanswered is the limit. So next week is transfers, and my companion has asked to be transferred because he wants to go back to an old area of his. At this point i don’t care. I am just praying for things to change for the better. I had heard stories about how it could be difficult with some companions, but i never knew... it would be … so difficult. Today, we are going to play soccer and have lunch with our zone. Our zone leaders are AWESOME. Since e. Everton is district leader, we had splits with the zone leaders this week end. It was great. I was with elder may, from UT. I learned a lot from him, and we had a great day together. Also we had splits again this monday with the other elders in the district. I was with e. Francis. We talked a lot and he told some stories about missionaries he had as companions. I learned how important it is to stick to my beliefs NOW, and keep on trying to do my best, so as to avoid all the problems that come to all those missionaries who are fubekas.

Well, in the way of funny story of the week, this week i was “kissed” by a girl. By this i mean, that the custom here, especially among women, is to kiss on the cheek as a greeting. Normally, i am immune to this sort of greeting, being as i am so tall that i would have to bend down for them to get their lips on my face. BUT this time we were sitting down, when one of our new investigators walked into the room. (one of our BEST investigators-and by that i mean that she is so excited to come to church on Sunday that she is going to miss a hockey game. ... i guess she is a hockey player.. but that is off topic) so she walks in and i extend my hand, which she grabbed and then she swung in like a bullet and smacked one on the cheek. Same happened to my comp. Oh and by the way, by on the cheek, i really mean by the cheek, i don’t think anyone really kisses ON the cheek; they just make the kissing sound, CLOSE to the cheek. Well, i thought it was funny. We later explained to her that we would feel better if she didn’t do that any more.

Well my comp wants to leave now... i will try and send pics next week, along with transfer tidings.

Love elder helland

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